Fishnets and Heels

Young female college student exploring her sexuality.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

it's 430 in the morning and i cant sleep because i cant stop thinking about how i brought myself to orgasm twice while i was watching some porn earlier. now i'm wide awake, horny, and wet as hell and i can't do anything about it because my roommate is lying 10 feet away.

i really want someone to spread my legs far apart and tie my legs and my arms down and lick and suck my pussy like it's the most amazing pussy he's ever tasted or felt. and i want him to keep licking and sucking my pussy until i can't even take a deep breath because of the intensity of my orgasms.

then i want him to untie me and i want to tie him down and prop a pillow under his head so he can watch as i suck his dick like it's the most amazing dick i have ever sucked. and then i want to slide my pussy down onto his hard cock and ride him until neither of us can go on another second.

all of this to think about and i can't do anything.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

it's been a while

Dressed casually in blue cotton pajama pants, a light pink shirt, and pink and black boyshorts, I stepped into his room. He was watching a movie and when I walked in, he stood up from his chair and grabbed me into his arms. As he kissed me, he slid his hands down the sides of my pants and panties, pulling them down. I stepped out of my pants and he pushed me onto the bed.

He kneeled on the floor next to the bed and forced my legs up onto the bed, he kissed my right thigh until he was almost touching my pussy, then passed over my pussy to my left thigh and kissed up and down my inner leg. I felt his tongue graze my clit and then as he sucked on my clit, I moaned loudly.

He continued licking and sucking my clit, then stuck his tongue into my hole and rotated it around inside of me. I played with my nipples, pinching and pulling as he continued to suck my clit to a slow, intense orgasm.

He came up and I immediately went down to his hard cock. First, swirling my tongue around the head and then licking down the side slowly. I then pressed my lips together against the head of his cock and let his hard shaft slowly slide between my lips and took all of him into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down slowly, alternating between licking and sucking his head to licking down his shaft and encircling his cock with my lips.

His hand reached down to my pussy and as I continued sucking his cock, he made gentle circles on my clit with his finger. I quickly reached my second orgasm as I continued to suck his cock. Incorporating my hand, I jacked him off as I sucked the head of his hard cock, making him cum hard and strong.

We laid there for a few minutes afterwards and I got up and pulled my panties and pants back on and left with a thank you and a goodbye.

A great night, indeed.

Monday, May 02, 2005

a wonderful dream

Had an amazing dream last night, probably had to do with reading Salvatori's 'Dictation' before going to bed.

I arrived at this house, I had no idea why I was there or who I was going to be meeting there, but the me in my dream knew exactly why I was there. I rang the doorbell, a man with grey streaks in his hair opened the door. He stood there in a blue dress shirt, silk tie and suit pants. As soon as he saw it was me, he stepped out the door and grabbed me into his arms. He must have been about 6'3 in my dream, he somewhat towered over my 5'9 frame.

he kissed me passionately and positioned his hand in my lower back, pushing me into him. his hand then moved into the back pocket of my jeans, grabbing my ass tight and pulling me closer still. he then took his hand out and began to unbutton my shirt. i grabbed him by his tie and stepping past him, i pulled him into the house. we soon found the carpeted floor and he pushed me down onto it. he continued unbuttoning my shirt and then found the button and zipper to my jeans. he unbuttoned and unzipped and my jeans soon found their way to the floor beside us. i loosened his tie and began to unbutton his shirt, when i was done, i slid the shirt off of him and slid the loosened tie over his head.

he quickly kissed down to my body and soon found the top of my panties. he rubbed his palm on top of the panties hard into my pussy as i grinded against his hand. this continued for a bit until he pulled my panties down my legs and off of me. he kissed down my thighs and slowly begin licking my pussy. he then went to work sucking and flicking my clit with his strongue tongue. i orgasmed in seconds.

he kissed back up my body and his mouth soon found mine. he positioned his cock over my pussy and began to enter slowly. seconds later he was pounding my pussy as i was rubbing my clit quickly and with every moan i made, it just made him work harder. he came quickly and continued fucking me until i orgasmed again. he then kissed me on the cheek and we rolled onto our sides and fell asleep.

this older man thing has been a fantasy of mine for a while. i'm just so attracted to older men because *some* of them are very experienced and i really want to feel what that is like. anyone interested? ;)

hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

tuesday night

i wasn't in the mood at all until he messaged me online and began to talk very sexual. then i got turned on. he talked me into coming over around 2am for a little fun. i made my way over there and he had the porn playing when i walked in (we had decided we wanted to watch some before we started messing around). i took my shoes off and he pushed me lightly onto the bed. he sat behind me and i laid down, resting my head on his lap.

we watched for about ten minutes then he started lightly massaging my breasts. a few more minutes into the porn and we started making out. he scooted down next to me and rubbed my pussy through my thin pajama pants. we continued kissing as he slid his hands down my sides under my pants and panties and slipped them down my legs and off over my feet. he started in small circles over my clit before slipping one finger inside of me. he lifted up my bra and began sucking on my nipples, then asked me to take my bra off. i took my shirt off and slid out of my bra quickly.

he asked me to get on top of him and i rolled over on top of him. me naked, him fully clothed. i rode him for a little while before he told me to lean back. i sat back on my heels, halfway resting on his legs and put my hands behind me on the bed. he stuck a finger in right away and the sensation was amazing. he quickly pumped his finger in and out of me. arching back, sticking my chest out, i let out a soft moan as he began making quick circles on my clit. i quickly came to orgasm and let out a moan that was much too loud, but he didn't seem to mind and continued rubbing my clit quickly. i grabbed his hand to stop him and laid back, trying to catch my breath, revelling in the amazing sensations rippling through me.

after i caught my breath, i got up and slid next to him. i asked him to take his pants off and my hand found his hard cock and began stroking slowly. it was not long before i quickened my pace. he asked if he could come on my breasts, after i said yes, he got on his knees next to me and i rubbed his cock until his warm come coated my breasts.

i would definitely have to say this is the best position i've ever been fingered in. it was amazing. i get turned on just thinking about it.

Monday, March 14, 2005

i was talking to a friend about female ejaculation. i didn't know too much about it and frankly for the longest time i had no idea a female COULD even ejaculate. i found this site ( about female ejaculation. sounds pretty interesting.

so i'm wondering about guys ideas about female ejaculation. is it hot, a turn on, gross? let's hear it!

Friday, March 11, 2005

this happened a few days ago, but i'm just getting around to writing it now.

so...a few days ago. we decided beforehand (i dont feel like using caps, sorry) online that it was going to be a quickie. i was tired and wired on adderall (i rarely take it, just needed to get a lot done) and didn't feel like wading through any small talk or cuddling or anything. so we got right to it.

i walked in and stood next to his bed, he approached me and grabbed me and we started kissing. he then pushed me onto the bed and laid down beside me. per his request i wasn't wearing any panties under my skirt so when i laid back and lifted my legs onto the bed and pulled my knees up. my skirt fell down around my hips. his hand quickly found my clit and started rubbing his finger slowly in a circular motion. i arched my back up a bit and let out a soft moan. his finger found its way down and teasing my hole, he then stuck a finger inside of me. he circled his finger around inside until i got very wet. pulling his finger out, he went back up to my clit and moved faster this time.

he continued gently going in circles quickly on my clit and i could feel myself close to the edge. i asked him to slow down as i wanted to enjoy what was coming, he continued the circles as i arched my back up higher and leaned my head backwards. i closed my eyes and grabbed onto the sheets as he rubbed me slowly to orgasm. i felt what seemed like a stream of euphoria flow through me and i quickly reached down to stop his hand as i could not handle anymore.

i lay there for a few moments before rolling over on my side and quickly stroked his cock until

we lay there a while longer, then i came home and finished up some homework and went to sleep.

would definitely have to say my first orgasm was amazing.

Friday, March 04, 2005

And on to some juicy stuff

I've known him for a little over a year. We don't remember how we met, but it was some place online. We talked on and off, online over that year or so, perhaps it's been more than a year. We never really got to know each other or had very interesting conversations, so I thought nothing of it. Then, it turns out after we lived in the same city, we both moved to a different, but the same city. We finally decided to hang out. The first meeting was awkward and I only stayed a few minutes as I needed to get back and study for a test I had the next day.

It was then we realized we both had a sexual attraction to each other. And we talked about it a lot online, the next few days our chats online were filled with anything and everything sexual. This is also when I found out he has a girlfriend. At first, with all the sexual talk flying around I told him it wasn't good. But we kept going. We had talked about messing around, me telling him I'd feel very guilty and him saying we wouldn't need to tell anyone (like that helped any). Perhaps guys are just pigs, but our sexual talks online left enough to be desired and I went over there a few days after our first meeting to hang out.

I was on the floor, him on his bed, and we just talked for a while with the lights off for a while. I got cold, like started shaking cold and he asked if I wanted to come up to the bed. I said sure and joined him in bed, getting under the covers together. He eventually put his arm around me which led to us making out which led to me on top of him with my nipples in his mouth.

I did feel guilty at first. I know it was him who made all the moves, but it was me who let it happen. But now, I don't feel guilty, it was his decision, it's his girlfriend, he's the one who has any emotional involvement involved. Perhaps I'm just horny and here this guy is who's willing to take care of it. I'm not sure, but our second meeting was much more interesting than the first.

We watched a movie, then again some making out ensued, more nipple sucking, and my hand ended up covered in his come (yes, the correct spelling is come, cum is just slang). I was hoping to also get off, but as it's that time of the month, I couldn't. Hopefully it will be over soon, so I can have my turn.

+Never had an orgasm (but I have messed around quite a bit, just never gotten over the edge)
+Never given or received oral

Maybe some of these will change soon...
I've decided since I'm actually getting some for the first time in a few months, I'd write about it. Not only for my memory and pleasure, but also for anyone else who happens upon this blog to enjoy. For anyone interested, I'm a young college student, I enjoy listening to music, reading and messing around on the computer. Feel free to e-mail a hello or anything else...Enjoy, I know I am.